Together, Couts is a community of believers. What does community mean? We believe that in relationship with each other, we grow closer to God. We live life together. We celebrate, struggle, agree, disagree, and mourn as life brings us joys and challenges. 

Couts strives to be a church that deepens the faith of people through knowing and serving God.  It is through deep faith that we are called and inspired to serve. It is in knowing the the message and mission of Jesus that we are able to authentically represent Christ in the world and serve in ways that truly honor and represent God. As God's presence grows in our hearts, through the work of the Holy Spirit, we find ourselves able to more deeply love God and those who surround us as we seek to make heaven real upon the earth. 

We highly value our relationships with one another. We look to grow through fellowship causing us ultimately to grow closer to God. We value the Bible and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We look to extend grace to all people and lead those needing redemption of their sins to a salvation found only in Jesus the Christ.



Couts' mission is to Go W.E.S.T.  Couts strives to be a Welcoming church.  We will work with you Equip you to live out God's purpose for your life.  The heartbeat of Couts is Serving others and growing in relationships.  Through all of these things, we are Transformed and our community is transformed to look more like heaven than the struggles of this earth.


Couts strives to lead people to a deeper relationship with Jesus the Christ. We believe that a strong foundation serves as a means to inspire our hearts to Welcome, Equip, Serve, and ultimatley will Transform the lives of the people engaged in this church. 


Couts highly values our relationships with one another. We look to grow in love for each other through fellowship. Our relationships with one another help us in growing closer to God. We value the Holy Bible and the leadership of the Holy Spirit. We look to extend grace to all people and lead those with that need God's redemption to the salvation found only in Jesus the Christ.



1891-Opened our Doors for the First Time

After the church moved a few times, a local banker and cattleman, J.R. Couts, advanced this church greatly by paying off the buidling that had been erected on Elm Street where Galbreaith-Pickard Funeral Home is currently located.  Funding the building where his wife attended church greatly helped growing the presence of the Methodist church in this region. The gift he gave was memory of his wife, Martha Couts. In turn the church's trustees changed the church's name from Elm Street Methodist Episcopal Church South to Couts Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church, South. 

1952-On the Move

After over sixty years in the same location,  the need for a more modern buidling to carry out the mission and ministry of this congregation became evident as the community grew. In 1952 the congregation purchased our current location and unanimously voted to move.  In 1952 ground was intially broken for the new facility and construction of the sanctuary began in early 1957. The first worship service in the new sanctuary was held on December 8, 1957.

2020-Ministering through the COVID-19 Pandemic

During the global pandemic of 2020 ministry had to dramatically pivot to keep this congregation connected. In spite of signficant health challenges, from the generous gift of a donor this church began broadcasting it's weekly worship services and events using the social media platform, Facebook Live.  As we look to what we believe to be a fruitful future, we are seeking ways to lead people to Jesus Christ by meeting new people in new places even in spaces that are not physcially in the church building.


Holly Dittrich

Lead Pastor

Pastor Holly Dittrich brings a wide breadth of experiences to Couts: from children's ministry to overseeing a large church staff. Holly has a passion for discipleship, believing that we are all ministers of the good news of Jesus Christ.

Callie Barbee

Youth Ministry Director

Callie Barbee is passionate youth leader that seeks to connect youth to a fervent relationship with God. Callie seeks to align our ministries, to aid our youth in their growth in love of God, each other, and our neighbors. 



Cindy Hott

Administrative Assistant

Cindy takes on a variety of roles in this congregation including administering the daily activities of the church. Cindy has a breadth of ministry experience and is a willing servant in most areas of our ministry.

Jerianne Byrne

Head of School, Couts Christian Academy